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Being a Cat Dad Has Never Been More Difficult
Humane Sacrifice:
The Story of the Aztec Killer


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Losing a pet is never easy.

For Melvin Cockburn – fortyish, alone, living in his mother’s basement – losing his cat, Lucy, is something he cannot accept. Because losing Lucy means losing his only friend.

When Lucy is diagnosed with cancer and given no chance to survive, Melvin is desperate for a solution that might save her. A second opinion that will prove his veterinarian wrong.

When all seems lost, he is approached by a peculiar stranger. Someone who claims to have an alternative method of treatment for his poor, dying cat.

To save Lucy, Melvin simply has to change her diet.

No more kibble, no canned food. No more treats.

What Lucy needs to survive on is life. What she hungers for is a sacrifice or few.

And all Melvin has to do to save his cat is provide her with a feast of human souls.


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