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Us in Pieces: Stories of Shattered Souls



When ninth grade misfits Harry and Mari are repeatedly targeted and humiliated by bullies, they realize they have to fight back by committing an act that might haunt them forever.


When a teenage couple, Mari and Harry, find themselves homeless on the streets of a town called Black Mountain, they understand it’s the two of them against the world. And they know it will take love to keep them alive. Love… and murder, and mayhem as they try to save their future while attempting to outrun the ghosts of their past.


For three sisters in a bunker at the end of the world, life consists of their underground shelter, their two guardians, and the ever-looming threat of death from creatures who have taken over the Earth. But life is turned upside down when one sister leaves the bunker and comes face to face with a monster unlike any she could have ever imagined.


Career criminals on the run from the law seek refuge in a cabin in the woods. But what will find them in those woods has no interest in handcuffs or prison bars. What will find them is something that wants justice of a very different kind.

1 novelette, 2 novellas, 1 novel, many shattered souls.
US IN PIECES is an exploration of desperation, degradation, and deranged desires.

Black Bloom: A Story of Survival


It started with a viral sensation. A photo of a young Indian boy plucking a single black dandelion from the train tracks situated beside a slum. The weed was considered an abnormality, a genetic mutation. Nothing to be concerned about...

Weeks later, most of the world has gone blind. Black dandelions have sprouted everywhere, from the sands of the Sahara to the Las Vegas strip; lawns and fields have turned midnight black with the proliferation of these coal-colored weeds.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, only one thing is clear: humanity is in for a fight unlike any it has ever faced before.

This is the story of the end of the world as we know it. This is the story of a war unknown and unspoken of. Until now.

This is a story of survival.

This is the story of the Black Bloom.

The Corruption of Philip Toles


It was a haunting thirteen years in the making…

On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, Philip Alexander Toles was found dead, hanging by the neck from a basketball rim inside of his school’s gymnasium. A note was found in his pocket indicating that a teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Jeffreys, was the reason for his death. Suggesting that she preyed on the boy. That she drove him to his end.

In life, Philip Toles was a boy exploited by his teacher, neglected by his mother, and let down by nearly every adult meant to protect him. In death, he became just a boy, another victim. Forgotten, as so many victims are.

Until thirteen years later.
On the anniversary of his death, of his birth, someone, or something, remembers Philip. And wants others to remember him as well. That someone, or something, is looking to hold those who ruined Philip’s life and caused his death accountable.
Justice is no longer of importance. Because vengeance is being sought.

The Corruption of Philip Toles deals with the deepest, darkest, most deranged parts of the human psyche. And the monstrosities which exist within those depths.

The Fire On Memory Lane


What would you pay to relive the best days of your life?

Connor Michaels is a broken man. A broken man with a ruined family, a shattered future, and a past he can’t recover from.
Once upon a time he had been well respected, even loved. A former superstar college quarterback, a husband, a loving father, and a man admired by his community. That was before the day things went woefully wrong, and he became known as only one thing: the man responsible for the death of his own son.

Connor is at the end of his rope, and is considering staying there. Hanging there. Until he is offered a cure for his troubles. A cure for all trauma. A miracle medicine that will allow him to block out the bad memories and relive the good ones in real time.

At first it is salvation in a bottle… But the past can be a haunted place. Memories thought to be dead and buried have a way of reaching out of their graves.

And not every trip down Memory Lane is as blissful as it seems.

2222: A Novel (With Graphics)

2222 Website Promo.png

The year is 2222, and the world’s a crowded place.

Over the last century there has been an unprecedented global population explosion. Nearly every country on Earth is teeming with citizens who can't be housed or cared for. The solution to this problem? The invention of Satellite Cities. Man-made islands used to build sky-high slums. Places where the dregs of society go to live… to slowly die.

Borne of the teachings of Adolf Hitler, an extremist militant group called the Sons of the Swastika are set to achieve their goals of population control and racial purity when they uncover a centuries old Nazi Doomsday machine called The Reset Button. A weapon that will wipe the world clear of half of its population.

Doom seems inevitable until a revolutionary scientist discovers a way to prevent this devastation from occurring. The plan is to go back in time and bring a monster forward. A monster who is the only person in history known to be aware of how to stop The Reset Button. Because he was the one responsible for its creation.

Will bringing forward one of the cruelest monsters from the past help save the future? Or will it prove to be a huge mistake? Only time will tell…

The 2222 Book Trailer

Viral Lives: A Ghost Story

Would your loved ones still love you if your darkest secret came to light?


Simon Hinch considers himself to be a Gore Reporter. He spends late nights in bad places hoping to record violence and disorder for a fee, selling this documented distress to the highest bidder.


One night, Simon stumbles upon a man, bloody and dying in the street. Knowing that the video of this man’s death will go viral on the dark web – on the gore sites – he decides to film instead of help, using his phone to capture the moment the dying man’s spirit leaves his body.


The video is a sensation, and life is good for Simon. Except, something seems to be wrong with his phone. His alarm goes off when it hasn’t been set, text messages are sent to Simon’s loved ones without him having any memory of sending them. His closely guarded secrets are suddenly at risk of being exposed.


He convinces himself that his phone is glitching, that he has been hacked. Because the alternative would be too hard for him to face. The alternative being that he didn’t just capture someone’s death on that late night, he may have captured a dead man’s soul.

Viral Lives Marketing.png

Bug Spray: A Tale of Madness

What if you inherited the pain you cause?


Tybalt Ward is a businessman. A boss. Young, good looking, ambitious, he is a man headed to the top and willing to leave behind broken hearts and broken lives along the way.

The world is his, it seems, until he meets someone who turns his world upside down. With all of his calculations dashed, his reason and logic torn to pieces, and the feeling that every bad deed he’s ever done has come back to haunt him, Tybalt begins to learn that love and madness are two sides of the same coin as he descends into this Romance of Horrors.


Bug Spray is a tale of dark deeds, retribution, and the sort of lunacy which can only result from a dose of toxic love.

One drink and one drug too many while on the job results in an unfortunate accident for a young woman with a once-promising future. She finds herself having to confront the demons of her past head-on, perhaps more literally than she would have hoped.

The last thing Freedom expects after telling his two best friends that he plans to propose to his girlfriend is to hear the word “no”. Not from her, but from them. The problem? The men he hopes to make his groomsmen are about to tell him exactly what his wife-to-be would like best on their wedding night.

Bullied at school, beaten at home, a young man finds himself in a position where something has got to give. Unfortunately, perhaps not for him, what may give is his sanity.

How To Make A Monster is an anthology of psychological torment that explores the thin line between humanity and monstrosity living inside us all. Containing eight stories, How To Make A Monster details how one wrong turn, one ill-timed hello, a goodbye that was planned too late… how any step we take can lead us down the path to monstrosity.
With that in mind, please don’t judge the souls you will encounter between these pages too harshly. We never really know which side of the line between humanity and monstrosity we are truly on.


How To Make A Monster: The Loveliest Shade of Red

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